Collaborative Learning

ABLE lab

ABLE LAB gathers team members that are from various disciplines to produce products and services, which enhance the living of the elderly group. The lab’s researches focus on product/service design, education, and in/exterior design that are considerate to the needs of the ageing society. The lab also promotes this awareness among the business sectors through collaborative studios where real products and life situations are negotiated to produce the best outcomes that would benefit the target group.

Social and Cultural Innovation Lab

As a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and design practioners, Social and Cultural Innovation Lab focuses on social and cultural challenges in different levels: community, local and national levels. 

The aim is to search for new methodology and tools and to establish body of knowledge in social innovation, design for sustainability, inclusive design, and cultural management through case studies from real world contexts.

The issues targeted for study range from arts and crafts wisdom, social wellbeing, education as well as creative industry for social welfare to enhance better life quality of the locals and the marginalized.

Using design thinking to innovate the solutions and to drive new possibilities for the issues tackled, they are the diversity of components such as multi expertise, International network and collaboration that are compiled as our principle and platform.

Fab lab

Fab Lab focuses on computation and production in architecture and design. The lab is researching about the use of computation and materiality to bridge the gap between digital and analogue through digital fabrication process which enables advanced design capabilities.

Urban Sense lab

Creative and innovative economy can be encouraged and built if we understand the setting environment which creative population attracted to. Urban environment usually is a key to the attraction. People depend on their senses to appreciate place and city. We, thus, need to understand how people through their eyes, ears and other senses interact with the environment

Future Living lab

Research and design architecture, structure, building system, and building envelop. Research and design for seismic and other natural disaster resisting architecture. Design for prefabricated building and components. Digital Design and Fabrication


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