How to apply

How to apply?

Thai Applicants

Step 1 : Prepare your application requirements
Step 2 :Complete the KMUTT online application form Please click to fill in the online form.
Step 3 :Check the KMUTT online announcement “List of qualified applicants”
Step 4 :If you are qualified to take the Aptitude and Interview tests please:
* Print the KMUTT online application form and add one passport size photo
* Print the KMUTT application fee slip and pay the application fee
Step 5 :Send all required documents to KMUTT Admission+Recruitment Division

Foreign Applicants

Step 1 : Prepare your application requirements
Step 2 : Complete the KMUTT online application form Please click to fill in the online form.
Step 3 : Send all required documents to SoA+D


  1. Latest official high school transcript
  2. Two letters of recommendation
  3. A signed photocopy of official identification document (I.D. card or passport)
  4. Application fee transfer receipt
  5. Personal Statement of Motivation (max. one A4 sheet) (Please see the guidelines)
  6. Portfolio (Please see the guidelines)
  7. **Report of English Proficiency Test from TOEFL, IELTS, CU-TEP, or RMIT.
  8. Completed application form with one passport size photo (1”)
English Proficiency Test accepted by SoAD are as follows: TOEFL (ibt) = 61, IELTS = 5,CU-TEP = 500 (61) or RMIT = Upper Intermediate (5)
Those who get the scores in IELTS – 4.5, TOEFL (ibt) – 53-60, CU-TEP –53-60 or RMIT = Intermediate (4.5) can submit the application form and take the Aptitude and Interview Tests. If the students are accepted, they are required to study English course in May-June.
To take the RMIT English Test, students may directly apply at RMIT. Please contact Khun Warin at 0-2803-8350 on the 2nd floor of The Mall Bangkae Branch.

Admission Schedule

Admission Schedule for Academic Year 2019

Activities 3rd KMUTT International Admission
Application period and submission of application documents to KMUTT

(Except, Design and Arts portfolio, Please bring it on the day of interview test)

30th May – 7th June 2019
Announcement of qualified applicants for Creativity test, Interview and Portfolio Review and Payment of application fee [Online] 8th – 9th June 2019
Creativity Test, Interview and Portfolio Review

Venue: SoA+D bldg. Bang Khun Thian

12th  June 2019
Announcement of qualified applications for Audition Day [Online]
Audition Day
Announcement of qualified applicants to study at SoA+D [Online] 14th June 2019
Qualified Applicants confirm to study on CUPT system

17th – 18th  June 2019

Confirmation for studying with the advanced payment for education fee (70,000.- baht)

Submit the confirmation form to studying at SoA+D with the evidence of payment

Registration Jul 2019


The School of Architecture and Design, KMUTT is a multi-cultural and creative educational environment which nurtures young designers and architects. We welcome students with strong passion in design and willingness to explore, experiment and apply their creativity for the advancement of society. In addition to basic proficiencies in drawing and sketching, we look for students with an open and experimental spirit.

Personal Statement

Personal statement must be able to demonstrate the following:

  1. Your motivation to study – Why you decide to apply for the program and why you choose SoA+D, or KMUTT
  2. Your expectation from the study – How the study can accommodate your future career plan or other things you would like to achieve after graduation

Portfolio Content

Portfolio should be a tangible evidence of your potential and interest. All materials in the portfolio should be original pieces; any kind of duplication is not recommended. Portfolio must be able to demonstrate the following attributes:

  1. Your basic skills or spatial comprehension– sketching, drawing, painting, printmaking, model making, or photographic work. Minimum of 5 pieces
  2. Your ideas/ works are related to the discipline of study (architecture, interior architecture, industrial design and communication design). Minimum of 5 pieces
  3. Other evidence of extra-curricular activities (For example: social activities, academic activities, etc. during the last 3 years)

Portfolio Format

The focus of your portfolio is the content. We would like to encourage use of simple format that clearly shows your potential and interest that we are looking for. The portfolio should have an international paper dimension- A4 or A3. The maximum size should not exceed A3.

Portfolio Submission

Applicant must bring the original portfolio on the interview day.


Your interview will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Ability to handle a formal conversation in English
  2. Ability to discuss about art and design in general, topics such as architecture, interior architecture, product, artwork, literature, movie as well as relevant social and cultural issues
  3. Ability to express self-interest, passion and commitment in the discipline of study

Tuition fee

Ancillary fee per semester 25,000 Baht
Tuition fee per credit hour 3,000 Baht
Accident insurance per year 200 Baht
Approximate total tuition fee per semester 82,000 Baht


2B KMUTT program allows high school students to learn more about the university and to acquire basic research skills through project-based learning during the summer break. Qualified participants would be recruited to the degree program through this channel. More information and application forms are available at, or contact KMUTT Admission and Recruitment Division (02-470-8333).

Central University Admission System

Central University Admission System (CUAS) is provided only for students from Thai schools. Students need to take O-NET (Ordinary National Education Test), GAT (General Aptitude Test) and PAT (Professional and Academic Aptitude Test) organized by the National Institute of Educational Testing Service and Commission on Higher Education. Students should submit the following assessment results for consideration:

Components Weight
> GPAX of M.4-M.6 20%
> O-NET 30 %
01 Thai 5%
02 Sociology 5%
03 English **Minimum 50%** 5%
04 Mathematics 5%
05 Science 5%
06 Health Education
07 Arts
08 Career Base and Technology
> GAT 10%
> PAT **minimum 40%** 40%
PAT 4 Architecture Aptitude Test for Architecture, Interior Architecture and Industrial Design
PAT 6 Communication Design Aptitude Test for Communication Design Program

More information for Central University Admission System is available at or

Admission Schedule

Admission Schedule for Academic Year 2/2019 (January 2020)

Activities August September October November December
Admission via during Monday 1st July 2019 – Sunday 30th November 2019
Application period and submission of application documents to KMUTT 1st Jul 2019 – 13th Aug 2019 11th Aug-11th Sep 2019 11th Sep -11th Oct 2019 11th Oct-11th Nov 2019 11th Nov -2nd Dec 2019
Announcement of eligible applicants for Interview and Portfolio Review at KMUTT website 14th Aug 2019 12th Sep 2019 15th Oct 2019 12th Nov 2019 3rd Dec 2019
Portfolio Review and Interview Test at KX Bld. 19th Aug 2019 23rd Sep 2019 21st Oct 2019 18th Nov 2019 11th Dec 2019
Admission Announcement at KMUTT website 30th Aug 2019 30th Sep 2019 30th Oct 2019 29th Nov 2019 19th Dec 2019
Confirmation for studying with the advanced payment for education fee(43,000.-baht) 30th Aug-29th Sep 2019 30th Sep-29th Oct 2019 30th Oct-28th Nov 2019 29th Nov-12th Dec 2019 follow up in
Registration Dec 2019 Dec 2019 Dec 2019 Dec 2019 Dec 2019

Note; all applicants have to test KMUTT-TETET (Test of English for Thai Engineers and Technologists) at Otherwise students have to take LNG601 within 3 semesters during studying exempted for
1. English Native Speaker
2. Toefl = 550 or equivalences
3. IELTS = 6.5 or equivalences
4. KMUTT TETET = level 5
6. Graduated in International Program in Bachelor Degree or whole English Language Program approved by GPDP Committees

Application Method

Please apply by choosing one of the following methods and apply the KMUTT-TETET (Test of English for Thai Engineers and Technologists) for whom not qualified in English score. Otherwise students must take LNG601 Foundation English Course for International Programs within 3 semesters during studying :
1. Apply by sending the paper-based application, please download the application form from, then fax to +(66) 02-452- 3792; or
2. Apply by filling out the online application form, please visit the following address : or

After completing the application form, please print out “Bill Payment” to pay the required application fee at the recommended Bank. Please copy the bill payment and enclose it with the application document requirements (as described in the second step) and send the original bill payment to:

Admission and Recruitment Division, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, 2nd fl. President  Bld., 126 Prachautid Rd, Bangmod, Tungkru District, Bangkok 10140.

Application Document Requirements

The following materials are required to submit in the application process:

1. Completed Application Form (in A. or B. above)

2. Three Colour Photographs (3 x 4 cm)

3. A copy of the following documents:

3.1 Transcript

3.2 Degree Certificate

3.3 Residence Registration and Identity Card (Thai student) or Passport (international student)

3.4 An official document of financial / bank statement (international student)

4. A Statement of Purpose

5. Two letters of recommendation

6. An evidence of your English Proficiency Test scores. The program requires the TOEFL score, at least 550 or IELTS 6.5 or other equivalent Test score.  It should have been obtained not exceeding 2 years before your application

7. If you process  your application on-line, please enclose a copy of “Bill Payment”with the required documents

Please send all required materials to: Mr.Sura Charoensuk or Mr.Lucksak Pansuwan

KX(Knowledge Exchange), King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi,
110/1 Krung Thonburi Rd, Banglamphulang, Khlongsan, Bangkok 10600
[T]+66(0)2 470 9940, +66(0)83 058 5511

Eligible Applicant Announcement.

The program will announce eligible applicants for interviewing at KX(Knowledge Exchange for Innovation Center), KMUTT and send email to inform the eligible applicants

Applicant interview

The eligible applicants will be invited to join face-to-face interview at KX(Knowledge Exchange), starting from 13.00.  Please note, bring portfolio or material to present to interviewers.

This is crucial note for the Applicant Interview:

A Design portfolio or a selected sample of any educational or professional achievement for non-designer applicant is required to present during interview.

After the interview, if any applicants have not filled out the online application form at the KMUTT website, please contact the program’s admission staff to complete it and pay the application fee, 300 Baht.

Admission Announcement

The successful applicants will be announced at KX(Knowledge Exchange), KMUTT or contacted via email.

For more information, please contact
Mr.Sura / Mr. Lucksak at 083-058-5511, 02-470-9940

Fax at 02-452-3792 (Auto)


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