INBOUND Student Exchange Program

INBOUND Student Exchange Program

SoA+D is a small school enough to get personalized attention from your professor, yet big enough to have a vibrant social scene and plenty of research opportunities. Our campus located on the area called 'Bangkhuntien' in the Southern part of Bangkok surrounded by local fishery and fruit farm communities while you can still enjoy energetic city life of Bangkok.

Our undergraduate program is comprised of Architecture, Interior Architecture, Industrial Design, and Communication Design department. While our graduate programs consist of the Building Technology and the Human-centered Design department. Therefore, this creates an environment that is conducive for interdisciplinary learning. Moreover, each department offers opportunities for students to understand and to engage in the local culture by including workshops, field trips, academic activities and special lectures as part of its curriculum. While the more indigenous culture of Thailand can be experienced in the rural areas of the country, students will experience a distinct urban culture that is a hybrid of traditional values and global influences with the school's location in Bangkok.


Architectural Design Studio / Vertical Studio /Future Living Studies / Urban Design and Well Being / Computation & Fabrication Studies / Design for Environmental and Sustainable Development (Architecture Program)

Interior Architecture

Spatial Perception & Psychology / Interior Architectural Design / Design for Sustainable Tourism Development / Studies in Contemporary City / Thai Architectural Studies / Everyday Domestication Research Studies (Interior Architecture Program)

Industrial Design

Cognitive and Psychology Studies / Social and Cultural Studies / Collaborative Product Development with Thai Local Industries / Textile Product Design / Craft Product Design /  Creative Entrepreneur / Toy Design / Furniture Design  (Industrial Design Program)

Communication Design

Communication and Visual Representation / Communication and Interaction / Cognitive and Psychology Studies / Culture and Identities / Semiotics / Communication Theories  (Communication Design Program)