Chayaluck Peechapat

Adolescents’ Identity Discovery

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Chayaluck Peechapat

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“Adolescents’ Identity Discovery” is a project that would help the lives of people in the society to be better by improving education. My architecture could repair the imbalance of life skill in education because life skill consists of three categories: thinking, social and emotion. Emotion is the missing element in the present educational system. This thesis explores how architecture can improve the aspect of education as well as enhance people’s life through self-discovery.

This project tries to challenge the norm by creating an open architecture to create learning spaces that are not just boxes. Every person has the right to walk in and out of the space without asking for any permission. Thailand has many rules about education but it never teaches students the understanding and listening of self.

This place allows students to experience the spaces without any right or wrong. It encourages students to explore, make decisions, and discover themselves.


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