Ditthakorn Chaikla

Food Waste (For The) Food Place (Alternative Project)

Student Name

Ditthakorn Chaikla

Semester/ Year


Subject/ Project Type

5th year


Interior Architecture


The “More is better than less” attitude has been the consuming and eating habit and lifestyle of Thai people for a long time. This attitude is not only applied in the domestic level but it’s also applied in bigger scale businesses, for instance, food retailers, which leads to the problem of food waste. “Food Waste (For The) Food Place” is a project that aims to be the place that educates people on how to reduce and mange food waste efficiently, and to be where people from different backgrounds come and share food, knowledge and ideas about eating to each other. The place also has an objective to raise awareness for Thais’ consuming habit with the use of architectural and interior space knowledge, and programming in order to create a positive attitude towards eating surplus food for visitors. This place is also a prototype that can be placed at any corner of Thailand.


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