Perada Plitponkarnpim

Sensory Art center for Deafblind

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Perada Plitponkarnpim

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Architecture acts as the connection between blind, deaf, deaf-blind people and social by using aesthetic experience and elements as a medium to create the opposite world of deaf-blind people and general people which related to different perception of each user . They can learn and get more understanding of each other and also raising awareness for inclusion and diversity for deaf-blind people. This project is not only translated the visual and hearing impairment’s experience to raise social awareness about how hard their life for people who are referred as disabled but also created new environment for people who very often live isolated from aesthetic and social experience that their impaired sense can be perceived by creating aesthetic experience and elements offers a possibility to develop their spiritual’s life. It can define this architecture as an exchange experience space. For non-disabled who have complete human sense will access or explore the space with every sense especially sight and hearing without any imagination because there are already exact things appear, but if we are cut at least one sense off, the things could be any thing depend on our memory and experience. They must use the remaining sense to perceive aesthetic in new way from deaf-blind condition. On the other hand, for disabled who have visual and hearing impairment will have deep sensory perception and have their own image about space depend on their experience. Creating the different environment in term of sight and hearing concerning more on touching could change their old image of space and activate the remaining senses to have more potential for perceiving the world.


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