Transition In Blues

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Transition in Blues is a mental illness healing center that offers alternative process of healing for individuals through behavior, social and psychological therapy. Mental illness like bipolar disorder and depression can be cured with medicine, but through architecture as the pillar of support, the project explores characteristic of a healer. The concept of the project is “order / disorder”, with a disorder nudge done by a person with mental illness creating overlapping lines of order, disorder, defect and catalyst in shaping the program and layout of the whole architecture. In the process of making the nudge, the defect spaces that are caused in between the disorder of blocks are created. With the idea of changing from defect to beauty, the project explores elements of architecture and landscape like water, psychology of blue and orange, materials, light, reflection and voids. In details, tying in the idea of compulsive obsessive redo into organization of the façade, rhythms in the columns, usage of evergreen as landscape in axis and grid, even to the tiniest detail of blue proportion of water to small dots of orange on the carp fish.