Learning And Developing Center For Adhd

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"Learning and Developing Center is designed specially for children with Attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. ADHD has shown in Thailand about 8% during school ages. From the research, most parents of ADHD children were looking for effective medication for their children. This raised some questions. “Is it possible to help children without chemical medication?” “Can Architecture support children with ADHD?” Most of the problems are shown at school. Most traditional schools even private ones, use ‘control environment’ to control children to be in the system. This practice highly contrasts with ADHD disorder with unlimited energy which means children can study while they are playing ‘without control’, ADHD children are like a glass full of water. To give an opportunity to study, teachers must pour out the water. The site was chosen close to hospital line. The site was open to Chao Phraya River and close to the co-creative area. From this initial observation I decided to break down a ‘control’ design element in the building and found the right was to support children using the building structure to give capability to ADHD children to learn. "