Kong-Si Neo Classical House Modification

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Thesis + TOY (Thesis of The Year) Arch Popular Vote Award 2016


The thesis started with this question, “What is the Thai living culture?” I have looked back to my great grandfather’s riverside house, we used to concern about the climate, landscape, behavior and the traditional belief. Moving into my grandfather’s orchard house, we lived and worked within the single plot of land. Continuing to the mid of 19th century we hit the huge wave of modernization, my family started to spreading out to the variety types of living unit, such as, typical modern house, gated village and condominium. The huge step that stirred my doubt of our domestic life is when my dad wanted to have a French Chateau grandiose house, as a representation for the success of the family business. Recently, we have found that the house is unliveable. There is something strange about living in our Kong-Si dwelling. It does not seem to fit. Rooms are too big. Atrium is stupidly wasted. Kitchen is overly crowded but foyer of grand staircase is empty. We enjoy staying in a cluttered bedroom. There are missing links between the past and the present and the culture are mixed up and we found no comfort within our living space. However, we cannot destroy the building, we need it and we have to live in it! I try to find ways to modify this grandiose house that appears to be more than only a comfortable accommodation. This Neo-classical house strongly represents the image of wealth and the luxury living of the Kong-Si family. Thus, this project intends to give suggestions for the Kong-si Neo-classical house modification, and to make it liveable. Finally, modification guideline was produced in order to respond to the situations. The Kong-Si Neo Classical House Modification guideline could be used for other Kong-Si Family who are confronting with the same situations.