Japan-Thai Ceramic Institute

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Thesis with Degree Shows Award 2013


" The way of Making, The way of living" The idea behind this project started from my interest about culture of Japanese and Thai, which has a long history. The Japanese culture is the relationship between human life and nature. It is the culture that perfectly combines life with nature that can express lifestyle and art. For studying the Japanese culture to link with Thai culture, the interesting issue is how the architecture can represent the culture, how architecture can express the meaning of belief, philosophy and the ideal relationships of the human life that relates to nature. Art and Craft of Japanese always brought the Zen influence in concept. The project location is in Chiangmai city where most of Japanese resident want to live and learn about traditional art and craft. Chiangmai is well known for its Ceramic products. The mutual of producing ceramics in Japan and Thai, follow similar techniques to make an outcome, they are same as Raku and Celadon techniques.When the potter's use same technique and spirits are aligned in a Zen way, each piece has its own "individuality." It's hand-crafted art of ordinary people produced by hand in quantity, inexpensive, used by the masses functional in daily life and representative of the regions in which they were produced that like the word of William Morris said, “the way of making, the way of living." The programs are composing by ceramic class, gallery and crafts and culture class such as tea ceremony.