ARC students’ work garners honorable mention prize in “we! park” Design Competition 2020”

Congratulations to 2nd year ARC students for getting the Honorable Mention Prize in general category of “we! Park” Design Competition 2020: Ekkamai Pocket Park, organized by We Park (a non-profit organization in Thailand). The following students who designed the “Pak In Park” are Chanon Bupphaves, Tanatip Wongboonnak, Chanatip Vitayalertpanya, Dhipawat Paisingkorn, Chinnakrit  Chommanee, Natthakit Skulmalaithong, Kanokpol Prachyarattanametee, Pakkaporn Udomphol, and Chalisa Sujivorakul

Tanatip Wongboonnak, representative of the group, explained the conceptual design of “Pak In Park”. He mentioned that there had been many unused public spaces around Bangkok; however, the people started to renovate them into usable spaces such as multi-functional parks. The whole idea of the design came from the use of lines with the alignment and continuity to represent communities in Ekkamai. The stepped space created various ways of usage such as resting and meeting areas, and showed differences in terms of dimension, viewpoint and perception of nature. The design also aimed at generating the flow of the space to connect to the surroundings and lead to calming effect when looking at the park.

When looking from the top, one could see the outstanding relationship between space and lines of the highway. Thus, it could be interpreted that the straight and curved lines had a significant use compared to the surrounding straight lines from buildings. “This is the reason why curved lines are used as a major element in the design”, Tanatip said.        


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