C A S A N U (OVA) /// Small Space Living

C A S A N U (OVA)  ///  Small Space Living

INA 242 Interior Architectural Design II (2017-18)

Studio Tutors

Asst.Prof.Dr. Nuttinee Karnchanaporn

Chanida Lumthaweepaisal

Denphong Duangpattra

Wtanya Chanvitan

Takahiro Kume

Nichamon Dejprasert (Teaching Assistant)

Guest Jurors

Prof. Satako Shinohara, Japan Women’s University

Nobuaki Higashi, Nomura Real Estate Development Company Limited (Japan)

Kitjapong Wathisoonthorn, Origin Property Public Company Limited (Thailand)

Asst.Prof.Dr. Apiradee Kasemsook, Faculty of Architecture, Silpakorn University

Harisadhi Leelayuwapan, PHTAA Living Design

This year, the Interior Architectural Design studio II focuses on designing space for living in the city of Bangkok. The studio collaborates with Nomura Real Estate Development Company Limited and Origin Property Public Company Limited providing students with exposure in working together to link education with industry.

This project evolves from an initial personal understanding of space for living, turning it into a space of negotiation by redesigning and reprogramming the interior of given living units. Two types of small space living units have been given as sites for students to reprogram and redesign:

Simplex Unit (3.00 m. Ceiling Height): 28 sq.m. and 32 sq.m. floor area

Duo Space Unit (4.20 m. Ceiling Height): 28 sq.m. and 32 sq.m. floor area

Studio work focuses on developing investigative methods and tools with emphasis on experimentation rather than singular solution. Daily programs are to be studied and investigated. Spatial apparatuses are invented to support needs of inhabitants. The project has been broken-down into three stages as seen below:

Stage 1: Data collection and exchange of mappings

Stage 2: Production and alteration of working model, exploring potentialities of living in small space

Stage 3: Proposal to accommodate inhabitants and their activities in small space

Case Study Living Units

Unité d’habitation Marseille, 1946, by Le Corbusier Wozoco, 1997, by MVRDV Gifu Kitagata Apartment, 2000, by SANAA Barbican Estate 1965-76, by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon Apartment in Nerima, 2010, by Go Hasegawa Dessau-Törten Housing Estate, 1926-28, by Walter Gropius


Given by Nomura Real Estate Development Company Limited (Japan) and Origin Property Public Company Limited (Thailand)

First Prize (50,000 Baht)

Jiratchanon Watcharanimit 59120500202

Thunyaluk Malai 59120500217

Pitipat Thititadapipat 59120500222

Pornanong Siritantitham 59120500225

Hathaiporn Lertariyanun 59120500242

Second Prize (30,000 Baht)

Tanchanok Panapitackul 59120500216

Pemika Wongsatjanan 59120500223

Warad Phrukkumwong 59120500233

Pattimai Prachayaparadorn 59120500252

Third Prize (15,000 Baht)

Chayanisa Ounsri 59120500204

Chonnipa Viputsakul 59120500205

Phiangjai Narinya 59120500226

Charkree Maneechote 59120500248

Studio Honorable Mentions

Chalissa Bromfield 59120500207

Papitchaya Wiboonsirichai 59120500219

Purisa Ratanothayanon 59120500251

Tiprada Rerksapirom 59120500254

Phawat Dechatanapong 59120500247


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