DI alumnus wins the “Battle Of Projects 2020” in ADI International Student Design Competition 2020

Congratulations to Mr. Boontarick Santhep, alumnus of Design Innovation program (School of Architecture and Design, KMUTT), for winning the “Battle Of Projects 2020” inCraft Based Design Category with his creative work entitled “BOWE – BENDED BAMBOO BAG” in ADI International Student Design Competition 2020 organized by the Association of Designers of India.

B O W E is a community design project for a border village, Baan Bo Wee, in Ratchaburi, Thailand. Half of them have no citizenship in Thailand resulting to limitation in travelling for making income in industrial area and several problems due to social disparity issue. The aim of this project is to develop local bamboo product to create new career chain in the community with existing and simple local skills, and make more income for locals by blending into their daily tasks. The activity can help villagers substitute low-paid bamboo basket weaving job and expand new value chain in production to create homebound work for non-citizens or elderly. This design work was created under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Nantana Boonla-or and Asst. Prof. Woranooch Chuenruedeemol, (both lecturers of Design Innovation program and researchers of Social and Cultural Innovation Lab) and Mr.Teerapoj Teeropas, Guest lecturer of Design Innovation program SoA+D, KMUTT.

Watch more:  https://youtu.be/kdIsdQTYG5Y

For more information: https://www.adiawards.org/


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