Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan visits SoA+D

On January 15, 2019,  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Solot  Suwanyuen (Acting Vice-President, Bang Khun Thian campus) and Mr. Michael Paripol Tangtrongchit ( Dean of School of Architecture and Design) welcomed the visit of KIT representatives such as Prof. Kiyotaka  Morisako (current KIT President), Prof. Hiroaki  Kimura (Professor at Faculty of Design and Architecture), Assoc. Prof. Mr. Masato Takagi  (Associate Professor at Faculty of Design and Architecture), Mrs. Kozue  Tamayama  (Academic Alliance Coordinator, International Affairs Office) and Ms. Akiko  Utagawa (Administrative Assistant, International Affairs Office).  The Japanese guests from KIT also visited SoA+D’s design studios housing the Mid-Year Showcase (Open House) which was held between 14 – 31 January 2019, featuring design projects of undergraduate students)


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