MIDI Application Guideline


1. Latest official high school transcript
2. Report of English Proficiency Test from TOEFL, IELTS, CU-TEP, RMIT, TOEIC or CEFR
3. Personal statement in video format (maximum of 5 minutes)
“What do you plan for yourself and how could studying at MIDI help you achieve your goal?”
“How is your goal aligned with the objectives of the MIDI program?”
4. E-Portfolio Content (optional)

English proficiency tests accepted by SoA+D are as follows: TOEFL (ibt) = 61, IELTS = 5, CU-TEP = 500 (61), RMIT = Upper Intermediate (5), TOEIC = 605 or CEFR 51: B2.
Those who get the score in IELTS – 4.5, TOEFL (ibt) – 53-60, CU-TEP –53-60, RMIT = Intermediate (4.5), TOEIC=540-604 or CEFR 41-50: B1 can submit the application form and take the Aptitude and Interview Tests. If the students are accepted, they are required to study an English course before the semester starts.
To take the RMIT English Test, students may directly apply at RMIT office located on the 3rd floor of Major Avenue Ratchayothim. Please contact 0-2930-3570 or Line ID: rmitenglishth
These are the English proficiency test scores for admission only. The students are required to take the English proficiency test as the KMUTT requirement before graduation in case you submit the different English brand or lower minimum scores from KMUTT Announcement of English Proficiency Development Policy for Undergraduate Students B.E.2564.

Admission Schedule

Admission Schedule for Academic Year 2023

Activities 2nd KMUTT International Admission TCAS3
Direct Admission

Application period and submission of application documents to online system

(Excluding Design and Arts Portfolio: Please bring it on the day of the test)

12th Feb –
13th Mar 2023

7th – 13th May 2023

Apply and pay the fee through https://student.mytcas.com

28th May –
1st Jun 2023

Apply and take the tests


Announcement of qualified applicants for Aptitude Test, Interview and Portfolio Review and Payment of application fee [Online]

16th– 20th
Mar 2023

Creativity Test, Interview and Portfolio Review

Venue: SoA+D bldg., Bang Khun Thian

Mon 27th Mar 2023

30th May –
3rd Jun 2023

Announcement of qualified applicants for Audition Day [Online]

Audition Day

Announcement of qualified applicants to study at SoA+D [Online]

30th Mar 2023

7th Jun 2023

16th Jun 2023

Qualified applicants confirm to study via CUPT system.

4th – 5th
May 2023

23rd – 24th
Jun 2023

Confirmation for studying with the advanced payment of education fee (82,000.- baht)

10th  – 23rd
May 2023

7th – 21st
Jun 2023

26th Jun –
12th Jul 2023

Submission of the confirmation form to study at SoA+D with the evidence of payment

10th – 23rd
May 2023

7th – 21st
Jun 2023

26th Jun –
12th Jul 2023


Jul 2023

Jul 2023 Jul 2023

Remark: Updated on 12th September 2022


1. Personal statement in video format. Maximum 5 minutes.
A personal statement is a crucial part of your application. It should help MIDI team to understand your passion and your goal. What do you plan for yourself and how studying at MIDI could help you achieve your goal. How is your goal aligned with MIDI’s program objectives?

Video file must be saved in .mov, .mp4, .avi format.
Total file size must not exceed 20 MB and named as “MIDI_firstname_lastname_statement”.

2. E-Portfolio Content (optional)
1) Personal Profile
2) Five to eight pieces of selected works including one, and/or more than one, of the following areas of interest.
o Art and creative works – including sketches, paintings, photography, models, drawings, animation, film, digital artwork.
o Scientific projects – including photos of work and a concise description
o Business projects – including photos of work and a concise description

3) Work experiences

4) Academic experiences (exchange , workshop, summer camp)

5) Social or community works

6) Achievement, competitions, and awards

3. Interview
Your interview will be evaluated against the following criteria.
• Ability to handle a formal conversation in English.
• Ability to discuss about business in general as well as relevant social and environmental issues.
• Ability to express self-interest, passion and commitment in the discipline of study.”


Portfolio Format and size and naming
The focus of your portfolio is the content. We would like to encourage the use of simple format that clearly shows your potential and interest that we are looking for.


Portfolio must be saved in pdf format. Total file size of E-Portfolio must not exceed 20 MB
Animation and Video file must be saved in .mov format.
Total file size must not exceed 20 MB and named as “MIDI_firstname_lastname_Portfolio”.


Portfolio Submission
Personal statement in video format and portfolio must be submitted via e-mail to midi@kmutt.ac.th
Tel : 085-920-7901

Tuition fee

Ancillary fee per semester 25,000 Baht
Tuition fee per credit hour 5,500 Baht
Accident insurance** per year 200 Baht
Approximate total tuition fee per semester 129,500 Baht (click for more information)

**   International students are required to pay 2,300 Baht to cover health insurance in case they are admitted in the hospital.


2B KMUTT program allows high school students to learn more about the university and to acquire basic research skills through project-based learning during the summer break. Qualified participants would be recruited to the degree program through this channel. More information and application forms are available at http://iadmission.kmutt.ac.th/apply/2b-kmutt-camp, or contact KMUTT Admission and Recruitment Division (02-470-8333).

TCAS 3 Admission

This admission is providing only for students from Thai schools. (waiting for the requirement announcement)

More information for TCAS 65 is available at https://student.mytcas.com

For further information

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