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Bachelor of Science Program in Multiple Intelligences for Design Integration (MIDI)

Unlike other programs at SoA+D, MIDI is not a design program, but a program where you use creativity and innovation to create your own business. We believe that innovation is an alchemical process with the perfect mixture of design, business, and technology. That is why MIDI is a collaboration among SoA+D, GMI (Graduate School of Management), and FIBO (Institute of Field Robotics). Students will form a team to propose and develop a product to be launched into the real world in eight terms. Mentoring will be with instructors from SoA+D, GMI, FIBO, and people in the business world. (see more detail)


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MIDI Philosophy

MIDI questions today’s education and sets out to make it better. With uncertainties around the usefulness of the subjects and the future employment opportunity, we think it’s time for a change. Four years can be spent on building your own business while you are studying. What kind of business, you may ask? We are looking for businesses that are innovative yet responsible for the society and the environment. Upon your graduation, you don’t look for a job, you launch your own business!

MIDI Product

Students are encouraged to come up with ideas for their product or service. But they have the option of collaborating with our partners utilizing their research to turn them into a business.

MIDI Mentors


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