Retrospective: A Photography Exhibition SoA+D study trips 2019

“Retrospective” was an exhibition featuring a selection of images and stories of study trips in four European countries such as France, Spain, Italy and Germany. It showcased various stories, and experiences of SoA+D students who joined the trips in Europe. In the exhibition, the 15-day educational journey of twenty 3rd year students who went to Paris and Barcelona was particularly focused on Analysis of Modern and Contemporary Architecture (ARC 329 course).

In addition, the 18-day educational journey of twenty students (all in first year) in Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Berlin and Dessau was focused on History of Western Art and Architecture (ARC 453 course).

Annual study trips and exhibition were organized by Mr. Christian Phongphit (lecturer in Architecture program). The event was held on 10 – 20 September 2019 at SoA+D gallery, KMUTT (Bang Khun Thian campus). 

For more photos, please visit the link:


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