SoA+D and FJU co-organize social design workshop in Mongolia

The School of Architecture and Design of King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi in collaboration with Fujen Catholic University (FJU), Taiwan, co-organized a Social Design Workshop in Mongolia. It aimed to provide opportunities for students from both institutions to learn about social design processes through various social services, such as facilitating students and representatives of Mongolian communities (at Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral). Students have designed a project proposal to improve the well-being of Mongolians, focusing on the following 7 topics: (1) Collective consumption system, (2) Language learning platform with the support of volunteer groups, (3) Learning traffic and road usage in collaboration with technical colleges, (4) Day care centre GER, (5) GER toilet waste management, (6) GER communal resources sharing system: child care and daily supplies, and  (7) Holistic water supply system: laundry centre, water treatment, and water   knowledge distribution.

In addition, the students designed activities for children in orphanage to generate better understanding in the concept of co-operation regarded as an important concept to drive social changes through a specific activity, “Camping Together: Participatory Living for Re-organizing the Co-operation at Verbist Care Centre”. The workshop was held on 31 July – 11 August 2019 as a collaborative project of KMUTT and FJU.


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