SoA+D students embark on a London adventure

SoA+D students embark on a London adventure

A study trip to explore architecture and design!!!!

In 12 days (June 15 – 26, 2024) the study trip, part of the ARC329 Analysis of Contemporary Architecture course, focuses on studying and exploring architecture and design. The visit emphasizes the use and design of civic spaces, along with architectural designs related to the social and cultural contexts of London. Students will be exposed to various prominent buildings, from historical to contemporary periods, and will also visit design school campuses to learn about various cultures. This opportunity is crucial for enhancing SoA+D students’ learning by exposing them to exemplary architectural designs, thereby helping them develop their design skills.

The trip leader is Mr. Thale Kangkhao, our lecturer and an alumnus who participated in this study trip in Europe as an architecture student. In 2024, he will guide a group of design students to London, sharing his expertise and experience.

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