Pornkamol Prapapornvorakul

Poke and Move, Mobile App to suggest & monitor personalized physical activity


Academic Individual Project l King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand l Collaborated with Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Thailand l Jan – Jun 2016

Not everyone exercises due to their personal preference or time limitation. To have ‘enough move or physical activity’ now becomes an important concept to help one maintain wellness. Moreover, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation has a strong aim to promote physical activity to the mass.


Ready-to-implement design presented to Thai Health Promotion Foundation and exhibited at LIFE IDID 2016 Bangkok

The Challenge

How to introduce enough physical activity into the user’s daily life harmoniously and sustainably?

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Let’s plan the research

Based on the physical activity concept, the project is expected to be feasible and used by mass. The research then covers three main areas, which are users, the physical activity principle, and technology that could bring possibilities to the design in a mobile application with no additional gadget.

The domain seems to be saturated but not for the “Health Aware Beginner”

After the primary interviews, users were classed based on their values related to health and motivations. The potential users were the.“Health Aware Beginners” as their unmet needs match with an opportunity gap from existing product analysis.

Physical Activity (PA) concept aims to keep people healthy. It suggests the right intensity, time, and total amount per week of daily activity. Because the users are looking for a light session of exercise for wellness, their need also fits nicely with the PA concept.

The Health Aware Beginner

The “Health Aware Beginners” was studied further and created into personas. Despite differences in lifestyles and occurrence patterns of chances to move, every persona has ..several neglected PA opportunities in their lives.

Neglected chances as an opportunity

The core functions then targeted to studying users’ lives, suggesting and monitoring neglected move chances that already exist in their routines. Also, a motivation to stay active, which could be effective and sustainable, was another important area to explore.

Concept Testing

The ideation took place for each core function, especially how to motivate them to stay active over time. Afterward, ideas were grouped into four concepts, created into paper interface mockup and tested. The pros and cons were analyzed and synthesized into the design criteria.

The experience of being reminded to move by friends who care

After the concept testing, it was found that the users wish a character of the app to be “Friends who care” Moreover, the motivation that users are looking for is a “Live Motivation” that encourages motivation from their friends in their real lives.

“Mobile Application introducing Physical Activity concept by suggesting Physical Activity chances, monitoring and connecting the support from friends to keep users healthy without compromising their lifestyles.”

Characters of friend involvements?

With a focus on Live Motivation, several concepts of ..friend involvements. .were ideated and tested. Send Good Will, which prioritizes socializing with private space, and Buddy Poke, which prioritizes a close relationship, were chosen and combined into the screen flow and graphic exploration.

Straightforward flow with a navigation bar

The main interaction is explored with three concepts. The first concept is to switch modes from the navigation bar in each main screen and only access a sub-mode from that particular mode’s main screen. The second concept utilizes a hidden main menu bar to switch between modes, which minimizes elements but introduces more steps to access sub-modes. The last idea is to pull important updates from different modes and feed in the feed screens. However, to keep the flow simple, and since there are not so many layers of details in this application, the first concept was chosen to move forward with.

Based on the interaction concept mentioned above, the low-fidelity flow was drafted, which was created into the high-fidelity screens after the exploration in the graphical styles.

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