The After Life: Alternative Memorial And Space For Remembering

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This research involved the study on ritual practices related to death in Thailand and the process of remembering the person we lost. According to the Buddhist’s belief, memorial is a place for people to keep the ash, or a piece of memory that is left behind, of their beloved person after the body has been cremated. Thai people annually hold religious ceremony on special occasion to commemorate the death person at the memorial. However, as religious has become the main influence in remembering process, we start to forget the true reason why we need to remember, which is for us to get over the grief of losing the person we love and continue to live with loss. In addition, remembering is originally a natural process which could happen as naturally as we be with ourselves or share the memory with the person in our family. Seeing the way remembering has become merely a duty to follow nowadays made me questioning how to bring back the value of memory in rituals we commonly practice. This research aimed to study the architectural space and programs that could enhance the value of memory and remembering while the religious practice is being performed. Various design solutions were being experimented throughout the process in order to create the best alternative memorial space that goes beyond any religious belief and allow people to grief and get over the loss in the most natural way.


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