COMFORTORY (Comfort + Factory)

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Final-list of Degree Shows Award 2015 Thesis


Interior Architecture


“The toilet is claimed as my comfort space. To spend time and money in a shopping mall or cafe also count as my comfort. What about others? What about someone who cannot afford those comforts? This thesis started from the question. CAN COMFORT SPACE AVAILABLE WITHOUT COST? Comfortory is a place that provided physical comfort and offered life-long comfort to Thai and Burmese workers in Bagkhunthien area. Both of recreation and learning activities such as eating area, bus stop, library, day care, toilet, skill-training class, are offered here. This space is a factory workers union where they could spend time before, after and in-between their working hours. Comfortory not only gives a temporary happiness to them but also concentrate on improving their life as well as their family. The modern design is a new proposal for factory workers to satirize the society that they can be proud of their career and enjoys the life as others. “


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