Undergraduate degree

Communication Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Communication Design)

The Communication Design Program aims to foster creative problem solving and visual thinking and emphasizes a process based on research of needs and contexts. Through design education, which focuses on deeper and enduring principles that transcend technology, the students are exposed to issues at large integrated into their subjects such as psychology, semiotics, and communication theories. The program’s multi-cultural team results into diversified ideas and teaching styles as well as an opportunity for students to have a great sense and understanding of the world outside Thailand.


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Program Duration

4 Years / Completion of required credits for full-time program are to be made within a period of 8 semesters or 4 academic years, but not to exceed 16 semesters or 8 academic years.


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What can I do with a Communication Design degree?

Communication designers work for the following jobs: visual designer, illustrator or graphic designer, print media designer, communication design researcher, communication design educator, photographer, social media content creator, 2d and 3d animator, sound designer, communication design based event organizer, art director in advertising, image and photo editor, independent film director and type designer.

Student Work


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