Announcement: CDAST Awards 2024 recognize outstanding contributions by the Council of Architecture Members the Council of Deans of Architecture Schools of Thailand (CDAST) has initiated a project aimed at recognizing the esteemed members of the Faculty of Architecture Council of Thailand for their outstanding contributions in 2024. This endeavor seeks to foster unity among academic and professional personnel across various institutions by facilitating collaboration in educational quality enhancement, instructor development, and the dissemination of academic or professional achievements within the field of architecture. It underscores a commitment to advancing architectural education and its role in societal development. The committee meticulously evaluated the outcomes on April 8, 2024, and subsequently endorsed the selection results, bestowing the prestigious Academic and Professional Excellence Awards upon the distinguished members of the senior and junior batches in 2024.

The School of Architecture and Design, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi would like congratulate the following lecturers who are awarded in their field as follows:

  1. In the field of Architecture:
  • Senior category with an Outstanding Award: Asst. Prof. Sunaree Lawanyawatna
  • New Model category with Good Level Award: Asst. Prof. Dr. Martin Schoch
  1. In the field of Interior Architecture
  • New Model category with Good Level Award: Asst. Prof. Duangkamol Limwongse and Dr. Teera Dhanamun
  1. In the field of Landscape Architecture
  • New Model category with Good Level Award: Ms. Kiatkamon Nilapornkun




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