Junior Architect 4-Day Bootcamp!

Announcing Junior Architect 4-Day Bootcamp!

As promised, SoA+D is thrilled to organize a second workshop for future young architects out there!
This time, we’re hosting a 4-day bootcamp from March 8th – 11th, perfectly aligned with the Thai summer break. Make sure your calendar is booked for this extraordinary experience!

Missed Out? No Worries!
For those who missed the first round, the Junior Architect Bootcamp is an ideal starting point for those beginning to explore their careers in architecture. Whether you’re a beginner or a future architect, it’s a fantastic opportunity to embark on a creative journey.

Open to All Levels of Experience:

Explore architecture from scratch or enhance your existing skills.
Add high-level projects to your portfolio and set yourself apart.

Save the Dates: March 8th – 11th
Location: SoA+D Bang Khun Thian
Secure Your Spot!
Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! Scan the QR code to reserve your spot now.
Let’s shape the future of architecture together!


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