SoA+D student wins 3rd place in Toyota Logistic Design Competition 2020 Global Challenge

Congratulations to Mr. Natthorn Uliss, 4th year student in Industrial Design program. Natthorn was proclaimed the 3rd place winner of Toyota Logistic Design Competition 2020, submitting his creative idea, “ULISS” mobile baggage system. He came up with a solution to solve the problems encountered in baggage handling in terms of speed and to prevent the damage caused by the conveyor belt. He received a cash prize of €2,000, certificate and a great opportunity to undergo internship at Toyota Material Handling Design Center in Europe for a period of 6 months. This year, there were close to 2,400 entries from 123 countries around the world. Moreover, this is the first year that Toyota has allowed design students and recent graduates from all over the world to submit their creative ideas. Originally, the competition was organized for European countries only. Mr. Natthorn Uliss, a student from KMUTT, was the only contestant coming from an Asian country that had won in this world-class competition eventually.

ULISS mobile baggage system can be placed in strategic locations within the airport. Solar panels are installed on the roof of each unit, allowing them to collect and store energy particularly at the airports that have clear and high ceilings. LED screen in the ceiling of each unit displays flight arrival information when active or just plain light when inactive. Passengers can claim their baggage by using the retractable ULISS digital screen to scan the QR code of their boarding passes. Images of their baggage and flight details are also displayed on the screen.

Upon confirmation, the system processes and delivers the baggage to the door beside the screen. When the baggage of a flight has been uploaded and processed, a specially designed vehicle transports the baggage into the ULISS (which is designed to be mobile). It can follow the sun rays to collect energy to power its own mechanism. Since the airports are renovated periodically, a mobile baggage system is not only eco-friendly but also cost-friendly. Apart from being strikingly smart looking, Uliss is a mobile system that offers travellers perfect flexibility.       

The Toyota Logistic Design Competition 2020 was organized to find the best designers to present their creative ideas for baggage handling focusing on design that solves the problem of baggage handling speed, and the prevention of damage caused by conveyor belts. Also, with the emergence of problems on handling baggage at airports, Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) made a challenge to improve or change the system of baggage handling not only for a short-term solution. TMHE is the European headquarter of Toyota Material Handling Group (a part of Toyota Industries Corporation – the global leader in material-handling equipment).   

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