Taiwanese team with KMUTT team visit local communities in Rachaburi

After visiting local groups in Sakon Nakhon province, Taiwanese team together with KMUTT team made a visit survey at the local communities (in Rachaburi) such as Bann Bor Wee village and Rangbua on January 26, 2018. They visited the eco-educational tourism trails: National Science Park and Bor Klueng Onsen. Also, they went to Bann Bor Wee School to meet the School Director. Rachaburi Social Lab team that also joined the visit presented KMUTT’s (with Rachaburi campus) social engagement projects, and it was followed by the presentation of challenges of Bann Bor Wee community. The visit was a part of Taiwan-Thailand Social Learning Service Survey Program which was participated by SoA+D’s Social and Cultural Innovation Lab team.


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