Workshop & exhibition: “COPYCAT LEARNING (CICLOSTILE)”

Communication Design Program hosted the event, “COPYCAT LEARNING (CICLOSTILE)” which aimed to give a chance for students to learn various communication techniques. Bruno Ruiz, artist from Mexico and co- founder of RRD Collective (Reproduction and Distribution Network), was invited as a guest to facilitate the workshop and exhibition and to share his experiences to the students.

CMD 212 (Visual Representation and Communication) class under the supervision of Mr. Kentaro Hiroki organized the exhibition “COPYCAT”. The students displayed their works after learning and exploring production tools to create their work on their own styles. The workshop focused on Illustration, publishing, content editing, printing technique, and book binding. The event was held on 7-16 August 2019 at KX (KMUTT Knowledge Exchange for Innovation Center) and SoA+D building at BKT campus.


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