The auditorium is equipped with 150 seats, that can be removed whenever needed, an LCD 300 inch monitor, microphones, a projector, a VCR, a computer and other multimedia devices (Request form to use facility is required).

Computer Lab

SoA+D provides computer facilities and networking to serve all its members. Three (3) computer labs are available for students. The labs provide computers (PC and Mac) for word processing, spreadsheet, authoring tools, and general or specific graphic applications. In addition all computers provide access to Local Area Network (LAN) resources, Internet connection, and also printing and scanning services. There are a number of wiring network ports and also wireless network throughout the building.

PC Lab contains 30 high performance computers (PC). Any courses related to computer class normally use this room. Students can access the lab during working hours unless there is a class.

Mac Lab contains 30 iMacs. The purpose is mainly for the class of graphic and media related.

Printing Lab has 20 computers (PC) and various special computer resources such as network printers, color and laser printers, sticker cutting machine, and scanner.

Service time open from 08:30 am – 16.30 pm of working days.

Lecture Room

Located on the 4th floor, ten (10) lecture rooms are equipped for multimedia presentation: Rooms 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 409, 410, 411, 412 and 413. There is a set of audiovisual equipment, a computer set, and an LCD projector. Students can use these equipment for their presentations on any particular class. To use equipment, complete the borrowing form and submit it to AV staff at least 3 days in advance. The borrowing period is good for 3 days or depends on the activity. Making education media such as movies, sounds, cd, video, dvd, and tape record is supported; however, the priority is reserved for school work related only.

Room Reservation

1. Check schedule of room reservation at Dean’s office.
2. Take the form in front of the Dean’s office.
3. Submit the complete form to Khun Thawat (M) at Dean’s Office and call 02-470-7885 for confirmation (The office does not accept reservation through phone call without reservation form).
4. For Gallery, July Hall, Lecture Room and Studios, please submit the form 5 days before the date of use.
5. If you need any additional equipment, directly inform Khun Niran (Jeab) or Khun Chanun (Boo) or call 02-470-7876.
6. Clear the room after you finish the class/activity.
7. Keep the room clean and the equipment intact in the room.
8. In case of changing or canceling reservation, please inform Khun Thawat (M) at least 2 days before the date of reservation so that the office can reschedule.
*** Check the schedule after submitting the form to Khun Thawat (M) or call 02-470-7885 within 3 working days.***

Work shops

The workshops provide a wide range of services for almost every types of production from wood work, plastic work, metal work, setup form molding to cutting out model by computer (CNC).

The staff will advise and demonstrate how to control the machines with safety.

Wood Workshop

Wood Workshop has been equipped with the following machines; Table Saw / Band Saw / Radius Saw / Belt Sander / Disc Sander / Drill press / Jointer / Planner

 Metal Workshop

Metal Workshop has been equipped with the following machines; Gas Welding Machine / Electric Welding Machine / Metal Sheet Folding Machine / Milling Machine / Tube Roller / Spot Welder / Lathe Machine / 170 CNC Milling Machine / Grinding Machine

 Plastic Workshop

Plastic Workshop locate in the same area with Wood Workshop, has been equipped with; Automatic Vacuum Machine / Jig Saw / Handheld machine tools

Fabrication facilities

3D printing, CNC and laser cutting machines are available for student use.

Shop Hour

9.00am-12.00pm 13.00pm-18.00pm Monday-Friday. Opening the shop over-time, student should contact the administration office to obtain the permission from school in advance. Overtime expense at student own responsibility.

In order to protect everyone from having an injury, shop rules should be followed with no excuse. Student who fails to follow all following rules will be not allowed to use the shop.


Buses and vans are provided to serve between Bangmod and Bang Khun Thian Campus, Rama II Road and Bang Khun Thian Campus, KX and Bang Khun Thian campus. For more information, please click this link: Office of Building and Ground Management – KMUTT


The library is situated on the 2nd floor of the building and operated by KMUTT Library. Go to www.lib.kmutt.ac.th for online service of searching books, and database system. The library provides a broad range of information services, including video collections, CDs, newspapers, etc.

Open hours: During first semester and second semester: Monday-Friday @ 09.00 -17.00 hrs. During summer semester: Monday-Friday @ 09.00 – 16.30 hrs.

Borrowing privilege
General references

  • Student member can borrow 3 items per 7 days.
  • Instructor can borrow 7 items per 30 days.
  • Staff can borrow 7 items per 15 days.

Audiovisual materials

  • Everybody can borrow 3 items per 3 days.

Overdue fines (Student)

  • Periodicals both current and back issues; and special materials such as maps, aerial photos, site plans, blueprints, etc. can not be borrowed.
  • General references and Audio Visual materials : 5 Baht per item per day
  • Reserved book : 10 Baht per hour

Instructors and Staff

  • General references and Audio Visual materials : 20 Baht per item per day
  • Reserved book : 20 Baht per hour


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