Everything is Natural, Nothing is Artificial

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3rd. year


Communication design


“Everything is natural, nothing is artificial”. I think nature is just a small part of the beginning of everything. Everything comes from the idea of the man living with nature. Man-made objects called artificial, which are objects developed from natural objects. The condition of creation is the function created by man-made materials. Indeed, everything comes from man. If there is no human. All things in our life, whether natural or man-made, It would not be here today.

In my work, the starting point is from nature, and I chose food cover to created work because when I think about the things in our everyday life, I will think about the thing in my house and the things that made by human needs. I uses the Fibonacci sequence to mix in the small part of my work. Just like in the artificial object to having a starting point that comes from nature. If you look at in detail of every piece of work. It will make you know what is it?. Because if we look carefully you will consider. What does this piece of work come from? But if we look past you will never be able to doubt the origin of this piece. Like the artificial thing in everyday


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