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Interior Architecture


The thesis is interested in different level of privacy in public area in the city. By questioning how people could gain more privacy while doing activities and spending time in the most crowded area of the city. “Can interior happen somewhere else apart from inside the building?” 23 case studies are mapped on the graph. They are plotted by number of square meter per person, distance from inner of the city and percentage of body coverage. The area inside the red frame is captured; it is the inner area of the city where spaces are more shared with the others with less body coverage and less area usage per person. So, the selected site should be in the city where many people pass by. The thesis proposal is to design space for promoting alternative ways of having private world and to provide comfort by physically and mentally along with the site context. Various types of interior are to give more meaning to the existing elements and response to urban needs. Giving the sense of their privacy through intimate interior space will provide them comfort to live in such a crowded place.


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