Stretch-It House: Expansion Space To Respond To The Thai-Chinese Extended Family

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Interior Architecture


“This project came about with the question “Can one shophouse unit host a multi generation family? ”, and if it can, what kind of design can expand the space under the limitation of the existing structure to respond to the current living behavior and daily activities of a Thai-Chinese extended family who live in the heart of Bangkok. The purpose of the shophouse is to combine commercial and residential activities. Shop houses are unique, not only because the exterior shows the social status of the family, but also connects the interior space to the surrounding. After analysis of the structure of the Thai-Chinese family that lives in the shophouse I found a looping life cycle that is about the replacing of space, function and generations. So, this project will create a new design to support multi generation living by redesigning the space and programming using the existing elements of the building structure, and rules relating to public and private functions. By working with the limitations of the 4×4 meters structural grid, with additional spaces created by finding the most suitable way to stretch the house beyond this grid. “


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