Zoocial Space: A New Typology Of Zoo, Dusit Zoo, Bangkok

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Interior Architecture


“On every continent, planet earth is losing species at an alarming rate. Some experts say we are heading for what is known as an extinction event, and that it is critical for people to start to understand the implication. In the next 50 years, there is going to be a huge number of extinctions. We need some sort of institution that will help people treasure the natural world and become aware of the ecological crisis, and that leads us to the question – what kind of institution would that be? The closest answer for the institution that city-dwellers can visit and connect with the animals is the city zoo, however the zoo also represents a space that is nearest to the people who also destroy the ecology, this makes the beginning of Zoocial space. Zoocial Space is a space that creates a new kind of interaction between human and animal, a place to reestablish the relationship and to teach humans the importance of ecology by using a zoo as medium to connect these elements together. “


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